The beginning of the 20th century and the end of a run-down circus. Crooked charlatan Don Peppo Pepponi, its evil owner, can apparently do nothing to stop its inevitable slide into ruin. Merode is Don Peppo’s 17-year-old niece. Fefo the odd-job man, a timid and naïve youth, is head-over-heels in love with her. Both join forces courageously to confront the tyrannical owner of the Circo Rimbombanti.

While the artistes abandon the circus one by one and Merode can only think of her approaching 18th birthday when she will be able to leave the circus and realise her dream of becoming a famous dancer, Don Peppo finds himself ever nearer to bankruptcy. Only a miracle can save him.

Weaving in and out of this background story are all the classic circus characters: jugglers, acrobats, magicians, knife-throwers, clowns etc. Colour, energy and a pinch of sad realism are the ingredients of Firewalk Theatre’s new show for all audiences.

There are three versions:

  • In English for language students in Spain.
  • In Spanish for language students outside Spain.
  • In “Spaninglish” for language students of elementary level.

As is the case of all plays by this company, the script will be provided free of charge to all attending schools, in addition to grammar and vocabulary exercises based on the text.

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