Presentation DRAKULA


“Drakula” for foreign language-learners

Like its predecessor, “Frankenstein”, “Drakula” lends itself excellently to the purposes of a foreign-language teaching aid for various reasons:

  • Firstly, the plot is one so familiar to such a wide audience that we can be assured no-one will have any difficulty in following the basic story, thus ensuring that nobody will get “lost” which is perhaps the first goal for anyone performing for non-English spectators.

  • Another reason is that since the leading character, Jonathan Harker, has to make a journey to a foreign country his attempts to make himself understood and the misunderstandings and difficulties that he encounters along the way give rise to many comical situations which are of relevance and interest to the language-learners in the audience, and which are also of didactic value.

  • The third and perhaps most important reason is that it is a play which offers tremendous potential for Firewalk Theatre’s particular style, one that (bearing in mind the limited comprehension capacity of its audience) is highly visual and dynamic in nature, mixing surprises and changes in mood with special effects and impressive sound-and-light sequences so that the result is a feast for all the senses.

As always Firewalk Theatre’s performances for schools audiences are accompanied by a booklet containing the complete script of the play and a series of grammar or vocabulary exercises and role-play games based on the script. This is sent free of charge to the educational centre for previous work in the classroom as well as an evaluation questionnaire for follow-up discussion.


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