More than fifty versions of “Frankenstein” have been produced on the big screen since James Whales’ famous first work in 1931 and none of them, not even Kenneth Brannagh’s so-called “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”, follow faithfully the original story. Firewalk Theatre’s version is no exception.

Using as a jumping-off point the first two films featuring Boris Karloff, “Frankenstein” and “The Bride of Frankenstein”, Firewalk Theatre’s adaptation is an adventure story whose ingredients are mystery, magic, humour and sadness. Changing the focus of the films and more in keeping with the general line of Mary Shelley’s novel, it moves the emphasis away from the figure of the mad scientist and his attempt to be God, to the more human story of a deformed creature who is rejected by society and his friendship with the young girl who accepts him.

A fast rhythm alternating lyrical moments with moments of suspense and sprinkled liberally with songs, dances, frights, surprises and laughter lead the spectator inexorably to the tragedy of the final scene: the meeting of innocence with the incomprehension of the world and the reality of the Essential Horror.

This adaptation by Rupert Marshall was originally written in English but due to its great popularity has been translated into Spanish and can now be seen in both forms. Four actors give life to eleven characters assisted by a sound and light technician. The play lasts one hour and thirty-five minutes.

“Frankenstein” for foreign language-learners

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