Santiago Pérez, formerly The Great Milagrovski, world famous magician and illusionist, is now a humble carpenter who has been living in his hometown since the death of his wife - and irreplaceable assistant – in a shipwreck off the Galician coast. Miranda, their daughter, is now 18 years old and for some time has been having a recurring dream in which her mother appears to her and asks her to go to the place of her burial. Santiago reluctantly gives in to his daughter’s request and the two begin a singular pilgrimage to Finisterre where they will discover something that will change both of their lives forever.

Firewalk Theatre’s latest production is a blend of the two disciplines of theatre and magic. Making use of the talent and skills of Zaragozano magician Mario Cobretti, the company has crafted a work full of inventiveness, humour and fun for all the family. Two actors and a sound and light technician bring to life this enchanting story which lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.

This version is an adaptation for primary school children of the already very successful “El Camino de Santiago”. The script is half English and half Spanish and written in such a way that the English is perfectly comprehensible to those with very little knowledge of the language. The very visual and participative nature of the play ensures an entertaining and exciting event for even the youngest spectator. The script is provided free of charge along with a synopsis of the plot in Spanish and simple exercises based on the script.

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