An anonymous work of the 16th century, it marked the beginning of the so-called “novela picaresca” which had so much influence over both Spanish and European literature. For those who are interested in knowing a little more about Spain’s cultural background it is required reading.

The play is set at the end of Felipe II’s golden age. Immorality, pessimism, ruin and decadence are the price of maintaining an empire where the sun never sets. Against this social background and told with satire and irony the story recounts the fortunes and misfortunes of the young and impoverished Lazarillo as he simply tries to stay alive.

With this latest production Firewalk Theatre continues its task of making the classics accessible to the general theatre-going public. A fresh, visual style using masks and Commedia dell’arte techniques guarantees to entertain and keep audiences of all nationalities engrossed. Level of Spanish – lower intermediate.


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