Miguel de Cervantes used the “insanity” of his creation, Don Quixote, as a means for attacking many of the customs of his day and one of these injustices was the inequality of the sexes. In the episode involving the shepherdess, Marcela, and Grisóstomo, Cervantes upholds through the character of Don Quixote the right of all human beings to choose freely the people they love, and he defends the innocent girl against the criticism, interests and hypocrisy of those around her. We leave it up to the spectator to decide if this defence of Marcela is the work of a wise or a mad man. Using the theatrical style of Commedia Dell’Arte Firewalk Theatre represents an episode from this universal work that is as relevant today as it was when it was written.

“Don Quixote and Marcela’s Quest” is a small-scale production with only two actors and no sound and light technician. Its small size and simple structure means it can be performed in any venue, interior or exterior, even centres without specialised theatre facilities and make it available at a more accessible price than other Firewalk Theatre productions. Its colour, humour and improvisational style make it accessible for all kinds of audiences.

It is now available in three versions:
  • In Spanish
  • In English for intermediate students
  • In “Spanglish” for beginners.

The play lasts 1 hour and 10 minutes.

As always, for schools audiences Firewalk Theatre provides free of charge an Activity Pack with script, games and exercises for previous work in the classroom, plus a questionnaire for posterior written evaluation of the show by the students themselves.

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