On publication in 1719, “Robinson Crusoe” was immediately received with universal appreciation, and since then the novel has been a firm favourite amongst readers of many nationalities, even considered by some to be the most read book after the Bible.

In this adaptation, Firewalk Theatre continues with its task of making English classics accessible to foreign audiences, with the additional objective of offering a reflection on man’s relationship with his environment, his co-existence with others of different racial origins and the need to find solutions to problems through co-operation rather than individual enterprise.

A minimalistic set with a high-energy soundtrack and lighting design provide a lively and modern approach guaranteed to keep the attention of adolescent audiences. The script is entirely in English or Spanish. The English version is suitable for the second year of ‘ESO’ and ‘Bachiller’ in Spain. The Spanish version, in common with all our performances, is suitable for all levels and ages, and in particular secondary school students. Its very visual nature and the fact that students are familiar with the story, mean that beginners are able to follow the plot, while more advanced students will find the language stimulating.

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