Presentation SCARY STORIES


“It is impossible for me to say how the idea entered my head, but once conceived it plagued me day and night…”
The idea of strangling his wife which Edgar Allen Poe relates in his tale “The Black Cat” is based on a true story, and although it is more than a hundred years old it is still one which we can see repeated in the media with unfortunate frequency. Domestic violence is one of the topics in this new production of Firewalk Theatre.

Two poems and two short stories by the famous American writer provide the raw material for this adaptation which mixes music, mime, dance and special effects to obtain a result which is intriguing, sinister and yet also humorous.
There will be two versions of the play, a simpler one for students of the first cycle of ESO and a more advanced one for the second cycle of ESO and bachillerato.
The play lasts one hour and a quarter and as always the complete script in English will be provided free of charge along with some exercises based on the text.

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