Welcome to the world of dreams! A fantasy world where everything is possible!
The dream-maker has made it possible for us to enter into his world: a magic hat where the strangest things appear from, a starry sky where even the fishes can fly and a multitude of places and colours where the impossible becomes reality. But... what’s this? A little girl who refuses to dream?

Luna is eight years old. She’s a happy girl but is afraid to dream because each time that she does she has a nightmare. But she’s not alone. She has the help of Valentin, the valiant lion - and all of us. Will she be able to overcome her fears and  dream the sweet dream?

“Dreams, Sweet, Dreams” is a show especially created for the youngest language learners; from four years old until eight. Using colours, a large variety of objects and the occasional sentence in Spanish, the play seeks to bring to the young student a rich vocabulary as well as an understanding of the basic language structures.

This latest production of Firewalk Theatre mixes puppetry and traditional acting, the perfect combination for children to feel stimulated by a story and its values while simultaneously learning the language.


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