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Somerset County Gazette

Friday, October 6, 2000


Monster Show from Spain Wows Students

In Victor Erice’s classic Spanish film ‘The Spirit of the Beehive’, the unsophisticated children of a remote Spanish backwater are entranced by Boris Karloff’s monster when the 1931 film of ‘Frankenstein’ is shown in the village hall. Last Friday the Firewalk Theatre company from Zaragoza brought its version of the Mary Shelley story to Queen’s College, Taunton, and the effect was equally electrifying. ‘El Frankenstein’, a dynamic interpretation in Spanish of what is now a familiar tale, captivated an audience of around 90 students of the language from Queen’s, Taunton School and Richard Huish College, through a fast moving and technically polished production. With rapid changes of mood from the truly sinister to the very comic and back again to its tragic ending, Rupert Marshall’s skilful adaptation succeeded in keeping the young Hispanists on the edge of their seats throughout the play. They especially enjoyed the scenes in which Frankenstein’s servant, Igor, ventures down into the auditorium in search of body parts for further experimentation and later when the hungry monster himself follows suit looking for dinner. There are numerous jokes, visual and linguistic, one or two musical interludes, as well as more serious sideswipes at fascism and intolerance. First produced in 1998, this version of ‘Frankenstein’ has toured all over Spain playing in English to young audiences. As a way taking language learning outside the classroom it has much to commend it, not least through the monster’s own efforts to learn to speak and his hilarious attempt at role-play in an imaginary clothes’ shop. The play is scripted and directed by Rupert Marshall and performed by Xabier Rodríguez, Camino Miñana and Luis Orna. Sound and lighting are by Vicente Orna assisted at Queen’s by Peter Cole. The company promises to return next year with ‘Drákula’. Time to brush up on some more horror vocabulary!


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