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Hola: Somos del IES Monte Castelo de Burela (Lugo). Ayer asistimos a la representación de Robinson Crusoe en Lugo y nos encantó. La actuación y puesta en escena, excelente, los alumnos siguieron muy bien la historia y se rieron muchísimo. Muchas gracias.

Luisa Rodríguez, IES Monte Castelo, Burela (Lugo)


Hola, Soy Pilar Sendra del Instituto de Almussafes. Tan solo comentaros que la obra nos resulto ágil, creativa y muy bien representada. Difícil llevar a un Robinsón Crusoe al teatro y que los alumnos no se aburran, nuestros alumnos disfrutaron plenamente de la obra. Enhorabuena y hasta el año que viene.

Pilar Sendra, Instituto de Almussafes


Estimados amigos: De nuevo felicidades por vuestro montaje como hicimos ayer con vuestros actores y técnico … De nuevo gracias.

Juan Manuel González Canales, IES El Molinillo-Guillena-Sevilla


La función estuvo muy bien. Los alumnos salieron muy contentos y quiero felicitar a [los] actores y [el] técnico por su trabajo.

Jesús Garrido, IES Pedro Espinosa, Antequera, Málaga


English comments


Thank you again for organising yet another wonderful play. The boys were fantastic and the performance, sound and lighting, outstanding. ...The team was happy with the public [sic] and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Antonio Gomariz-Pérez, Truro College


The show went really well and we had a much bigger audience this time. My students really enjoyed it and were thrilled to have been able to follow some/a little/a lot of the dialogue. I hope that the team ... will be back with us next year. Many thanks to all for all your hard work.

Dr. Beverley Palmer, Queen Elizabeth 6th Form College


The show was a huge success! ... I loved it and the students were all really engaged and laughing at all the right bits! ... Thank you, a brilliant show, we can't wait till next year!

Laura Schofield, Queen’s College


It was a really good script with all the tenses and not too difficult. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting was superb, the sound and lighting was very professional and the theatre was very comfortable. I just don't understand why the schools or even the adult evening classes didn't go. They missed a fabulous opportunity of learning Spanish in such a fun way.

Robert Avery, University of the Third Age, attended performance at The Hawth


It went well today ... The performance was a success with our audience. ... Thank you for everything and I hope you will put us down for next year again.

Wick van Rijn, Wolfreton School


It went very well again. Very dynamic acting who [sic] kept the audience interested the whole time. … The script was ideal.

Marçal Bruna, King's School, Canterbury


Good reactions so far from boys and staff, who mostly found it more intelligible than last year’s “Camino.” … Some rather risqué gags/gestures seemed to appeal to the audience of male teenagers! My current GCSE class … found it “easy to understand” but “would have liked more audience interaction.” … It was a very entertaining evening with some great music and visual effects. What’s coming up next year

Loretta Moseley, Harrow School


I've just returned from the performance and it was great! The students seemed to really like it … Please also keep me updated with any further performances you may be doing.

Kate Backshell, Kings International College for Business & the Arts


The students appeared to really enjoy it. …We had run some workshops before the performance, which allowed some of the students who were not studying Spanish to still understand the play, so it was an all-round success. We would be very interested in hosting a play again next year. [The Head of Drama] told me that some of the GCSE students are even going to put some Spanish into their final performance, as they enjoyed it so much!

Mareike Coakley, Tomlinscote School


The majority of students really enjoyed the performance. We did do a survey and have got lots of comments. Here is a selection of comments: “I enjoyed the great lighting that brought the play to life and the interaction of the actors with the audience, I would love to see more plays like this.” (Inman Rashid 9k5); “I liked the fact that the actors put a lot of thought into their performance. It was enjoyable to watch and I learnt a few new Spanish words.” (Elisa Achampong 9K9); “They were brilliant!!” (Thomas Thompson 9K6)

Mary Andrew, Kingsford Community School


The play went great and we had lots of fun! I really enjoyed it and I’m sure the girls did as well.

Paola Valinoti, Canning House


It felt more 6th form based than in previous years though they still managed to get a lot out of it. … they all said they had enjoyed themselves, they were glad they went and they would advise others to go in the future!

Liz Powell, Newquay Tretherras School


The play was a lot of fun. Another great production, thanks very much.

Kelly Vigliucci, Ralph Allen School


Fue muy divertido, tuvimos un tiempo estupendo.

Card received from students and teachers from Eastbourne Technology College, attended performance at Eastbourne College


The majority of the students felt it had been beneficial. A few are still using some of the phrases they heard in the play. … Robinson Crusoe was quite accessible to all.

Clarisse Tripp, Eastbourne College


We thoroughly enjoyed the performance ... tell Rupert and the team that they have done an excellent job.

Susan Falkingham, Taunton School (attended performance at Queen’s College)


On Wednesday afternoon the Spanish department made their annual pilgrimage to Queen’s College for the Firewalk Theatre Company’s production. This year they did “Robinson Crusoe” which was an extravaganza of a play. There were two actors who played Robinson and Man Friday and all the stage props were made from everyday items to give an air of authenticity to life on an island with no mod cons, well no mod cons that worked anyway. The two actors gave us a very funny rendition of the story of Robinson Crusoe in Spanish, which had some really hysterical moments, such as trying to persuade Man Friday to wear clothes, but he ended up with the shirt on back to front and the trousers on his head. In order to help the members of the audience who had not studied Spanish for so long Man Friday, who was depicted as being more intelligent than Robinson, translated some sections of the dialogue as if his native language was English. In this way the younger members of the audience could follow the plot. Robinson and Man Friday chased each other round the auditorium engaging the pupils in their antics and causing hysterical laughter from the audience at different times in the play. However, they were so engaging that when Robinson’s dog (also played by Man Friday) died after many years of faithful service, the audience was quite moved. There was lots of audience interaction and even the teachers came in for some stick when Robinson decided that all teachers were snakes and deserved to die. As always, this was a very successful trip and an interesting way to hear some Spanish spoken by native speakers. We will definitely visit them again next year.

Article in Taunton School magazine

Crusoe visits Queens College and only speaks Spanish!


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