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Comentarios español

La obra fue muy bien, desde luego yo me reí muchísimo… la gente estaba contenta.

Silvia Montes, Canning House

En primer lugar muchas gracias por hacerme disfrutar tanto ayer. Enhorabuena a los dos ... qué bien me lo pasé!! La verdad es que está muy bien construida. Vais poco a poco aumentando la "tensión mágica", empezando por juegos-trucos que buscan mucho la risa y la participación del público (qué arriesgado es sacar a niños al escenario); para ir hacia juegos que realizas tú sólo, sin ayuda de ningún espectador … dejando las risas un poco al margen y dando más importancia al mago; para terminar con el momento tétrico del cementerio y la aparición de la mujer muerta que culmina con el PEDAZO DE EFECTO final. Increíble, espectacular, sublime.... espera un poco que no encuentro el diccionario de sinónimos. Me gustó muchísimo cuando Miranda entra en trance y tú sigues haciendo juegos de magia pero sin que se escuche lo que dices … Con un sencillo juego de luces y una muy buena interpretación, conseguís transportarnos al "viaje interno" de Miranda. ... Y el momento final, cuando construís ese momento de tensión con luces rojas, apariciones fantasmagóricas (con cambio de voz, en plan La niña del Exorcista, incluido. Me asustasteis, lo reconozco), niebla...., con el cambio de actitud tanto de Santiago (de dominante y menospreciador de las cualidades de su hija, a hombre dócil), como de Miranda (de obediente hija que hace todo lo que su padre le dice sin rechistar, a ser ella quién da las órdenes). Ese final es sublime. Yo, cuando vi a Miranda en la parte trasera del patio de butacas.... simplemente aluciné. ¡¡Qué bien nos lleváis por el camino que queréis para terminar dejándonos sin palabras!! Creo que ha quedado bastante claro que la obra de teatro / espectáculo de magia, me gustó muchísimo ¿verdad?

Saúl Soriano, magician, Mario Cobretti’s apprentice

Comentarios inglés

It was fantastic- the kids absolutely loved it - they were buzzing afterwards! Everything about it was brilliant ... everything ... was spectacular. The magic really was top class and he had a fantastic way of interacting with the kids... Thank you - it really was great and we definitely want you back next year! Lara Powell, Ardingly College

Lara Powell, Ardingly College

It was utterly brilliant, as ever. Thank you so much ... We would love to see Rupert and co. here again next year. It was so much fun. Kids and adults alike absolutely loved it.

Toby Seth, Wellington College

Just to say how much I, y tambien mis padres, enjoyed the show on Wednesday. I really think it is one of the best things I have seen in my fourteen years here! It was really funny without being offensive, the magic was wonderful (I have seen Paul Daniels live & he wasn't half as much fun) and a good bit of Spanish thrown in too. What a terrific thing for the pupils to see & I am sure they will remember it for years to come.

Jill Shepherd, Wellington College

It was fantastic - best one I have seen. The kids were extremely positive about it all. What was good was the amount of audience participation, the ease of understanding and the magic tricks. Compliments to the cast and Rupert.

Mark Nash, Dulwich College

We really enjoyed the show this afternoon and it was well worth the effort trying to organise the trip for my pupils. Yet again the performances were entertaining and even though my students didn't understand everything they all said they got the gist of what was happening. The tricks performed were really good and it was great to see the audience participating. Hope we can make it again next year.

Alison Villalobos, Devizes School

The show was great - hugely enjoyed by everyone but especially our Year 9 beginners who found it very accessible of course ... Very many thanks to you, Rupert and the actors for another memorable afternoon.

John Chidgey, Queen’s College, Taunton

There was a real buzz throughout the school today – the boys and their teachers have all been talking about the show. In each of my Spanish lessons we started with a post mortem and wondered how some of his tricks were done. Even colleagues who had not seen the show commented on how much the boys enjoyed it. My daughter (13 in December and with a year’s Spanish) thought the show was very entertaining and says it kept her interested throughout.

Loretta Moseley, Harrow School

It was absolutely brilliant! It's the best thing I've ever seen at this school.

Luke Williams, Harrow School pupil

A superb evening – it was thoroughly enjoyable... if we do have them again at Harrow, I will be sure to go!

Rupert Dastur, Harrow School pupil

Just to let you know that I absolutely loved the show last week! My students really enjoyed it too even though they couldn't understand a lot of the Spanish …[as] their Spanish is pretty limited. However, during all of the magic, they could follow the instructions more or less due to the repetition and the use of lots of 'volunteers' who needed instructions repeating and explaining very slowly! It was fantastic! I'd love to come again in the future and will wait in anticipation for the next performance!

Allison MacAulay, Nunthorpe School

Gabriela Davies, Harrop Fold Specialist Arts' College

Great show, much enjoyed by everyone. Congratulations to all concerned. We look forward to what comes next!

Craig Bryson, Sherborne School for Boys

Thanks very much for everything. It was a fantastic performance and the students absolutely loved it.

Daniel Leitch, King's School, Canterbury

Staff and pupils were really impressed with the play on the 19th March at Truro College and really enjoyed themselves. Thank you very much... for the superb performance.

Anne-Laure Bazin, Mounts Bay School

The play was awesome!! So funny!!... It was excellent.

Antonio Gomariz-Pérez, Truro College

Thank you very much for your play, El Camino de Santiago. My students really enjoyed it. It was great.

Yolanda Tornero Pérez, Ralph Allen School

The students and staff who went absolutely loved this year’s performance so please pass on our appreciation to the company and thank you for your usual fantastic help with organisation. We're looking forward to next year's performance already!

Liz Powell, Newquay Tretherras School

A todos nos ha encantado la obra "El Camino de Santiago" (especialmente a mi, que soy de Galicia!) Los estudiantes se lo han pasado fenomenal con todos los trucos de magia y han entendido todo sin problema, así que todos muy contentos. Ha estado genial!

María Obelleiro, City of Bristol College

Great – from my point of view, drama not Spanish, the boys were really engaged. They were responding on two levels, dramatic and linguistically. Several boys have spoken very highly of it and discussed the mechanics of the show!

Peter Jolly, Director of Drama, Dulwich College

Everything was great - the students loved the performance and everything went very smoothly.

Rachelle Bunce, Wellington College

I'm pleased to say it went very well, the children enjoyed it and I certainly did. … brilliant show!

Nicola Maguire, Backwell School

It is a real treat to hear Spanish so beautifully spoken, while at the same time enjoying excitingly visual and action-packed performances that make plays easily understood, even by those with a basic knowledge of the language. I do want to thank you and all those involved in the play. We really enjoyed hosting you and hope that you will come back … Everyone really enjoyed the performances and they are still asking how Mario swallowed the balloon and how [María] re-appeared at the back of the hall. I look forward to your next production.

Dr Beverley Palmer, Queen Elizabeth 6th Form College

The show on Friday went really well, the primary school children really enjoyed the whole show, which was interesting as they obviously had the least Spanish. Comments from the teachers who saw the show were very positive … Please do email me just as soon as you know about the new show, we would be really interested.

Alison Shorten, Comberton Village College

Everyone really enjoyed the show - it was a great success - thank you.

Claire Bolton, St Mary’s School Calne

Comments from students at Wolfreton School, Hull

Did you enjoy the performance? Why? Why not?

Yes, they involved the audience and made it fun and easy to understand.

Yes – enjoyed the 100% Spanish and the fireworks.

Yes, because they involved the audience and was fun and energetic.

Yes, it was really entertaining, funny and I liked the tricks.

It was excellent. The special effects were great.

Yes, it was very entertaining.

Yes, I found the performance very enjoyable because it was not predictable.

Would you like to see another performance in the future from this theatre company? Why? Why not?

Yes – good for use of Spanish at various levels.

Yes, because it was an excellent performance and the actors were very good.

Yes, please. It was very educational.

Yes, if they are as good as this one.

Yes, fantastic.

Yes! Very interesting and good to hear Spanish.

Yes, it was really interesting.

Every year we send a thank you note to the theatre company and we like to use pupils’ comments. Is there a comment that you would like to make?

It was very entertaining and I feel that I learnt a lot as well. Very good. Involved the audience and made you think in Spanish. This was a really good entertaining performance. Its really impressive that its just two actors. Thank you for the performance, it was really really good. It was amazing and scary at times. Magic and Spanish. The best Spanish magic theatre show I’ve ever seen in my life! Wonderful!This was a brilliant performance. Thank you for entertaining me.

How would you describe the performance to someone who has not seen ‘El Camino de Santiago’?

Unpredictable, entertaining, magic! Fun, engaging, the magic tricks are fab! Good story, doesn’t drag on. Bizarre, involving, using various thatre and magic tricks, audience participation. It was great! There was good special effects and magic tricks. They brought people out to help with the tricks. A magic show with a sideline story. Top quality and done very, very well. Magic and Spanish. Magic tricks and scaryness. Mind boggling and fun. Exciting, varied, participative and very fast Spanish. It is entertaining with lots of magic tricks and special effects. Funny and the audience is very involved. Go and see it! Brilliant! AMAZING! Good fun, scary, interesting, very entertaining. Scary, funny and quite easy to understand. Really really good. A must see

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